The Polo School@Haviland Hollow - Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide an absolutely safe and comfortable environment for you to enjoy polo at any level. "Safety first" is our motto and we ensure this is reflected in everything we do. Our facilities are comprehensive, complete with an indoor and outdoor arena. You can develop your confidence by taking lessons in the safety of our indoor arena and when you are ready, take part in some instructional chukkers followed shortly by playing in our coaching league. Our instructors are experienced horse men and polo players who teach you in the basic concepts of equitation along with skills required for the game. Our polo school horses are carefully selected to be safe and sound for all levels based on assesments from a pool of over 25 club horses.

PoloSkilz 2.0: PoloSkilz is an innovative online program by the USPA Polo Development LLC, with training videos predicated on 6 fundamental principles: Horsemanship, Sportsmanship, Team Work, Instruction, Strategy, and the Polo Experience. PoloSkilz was created to help spread wisdom and knowledge from some of the greatest polo minds. We invite you to follow the link and view the content as part of your development

Our Programs

  • Polo Lessons - Individual/Group Individual lessons focus on riding, mallet handling and hitting basic shots. A polo pony and tack are available for all sessions. Our pricing is per lesson and we also offer group discounts and discounts on multi-lesson packages.

  • Polo Clinics - Clinic programs focus on rules, polo riding, choosing the right shots, game strategy, and generally playing polo. Clinics are usually for an entire weekend. We also host an annual USPA polo rules clinic to help you get a hang of the rules as well as for those aspiring to become certified umpires

  • Instructional Chukkers & Coaching League - Coaching focuses on preparing for league and tournament games. Instruction during chukkers focus on playing your position and avoiding common fouls and moving violations.

Our Instructors

Paul Kuhn. Has over 30 years experience teaching, coaching and playing polo in Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He is currently rated at +2

Sam Ramirez Jr. Currently rated at +2, Sam has extensive experience playing polo upto 14 goals all over the United States, Argentina and Brazil. He has been teaching and coaching for 4 years at the Haviland Hollow Club